An image with a blue background stating, "We're proud to have an accessible website." International day of people with disabilities stamp below.

These days, there is a lot that goes into running a business, whether you operate online or off. Thanks to the digital realm, businesses can reach and connect with audiences all over the world. But did you know that 20-25% of the global population are people with disabilities, who may not be able to easily access your website? That is 61 million Americans. 

Wheelchair access, sign language interpreters, and braille are commonly thought of in regards to disability access. But not everyone is aware that websites must also comply with accessibility due to the American Disabilities Association requirement. Websites, like institutions and public spaces, have requirements to ensure they are accessible for people with disabilities, such as visual and motor impairments. A website can be visually striking and easy to navigate for one person, while also being illegible and difficult for another. Luckily, having an accessible website doesn’t mean you have to compromise your artistic freedom. Rather, there are simple adjustments you can make such as using proper headers or putting alternative text for photos that make it inclusive for all. 

At Hyphenate, we care about accessibility and inclusivity for everyone and that’s why we are a partner agency with AccessiBe. Inclusivity benefits everyone, allowing those with disabilities equal access to the digital spaces while also providing a larger audience to reach your website. And as the digital world becomes a more trafficked and prominent space, lawsuits against businesses that are not ADA compliant also increase.  We are here to help and can implement this for your existing site or your new site build. Please save your customers from not being able to view and access your site properly. You will also save yourself from the risk of losing site visitors as well as a possible lawsuit with costly fines. 

Join us in creating more inclusive spaces online for all! Contact us today for a quote or with any questions.