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Project: Fugees Family

Founded by top CNN Hero of the Year, Luma Mufleh, whose TED Talks have garnered almost 2 million views as of 2022, Fugees Family, Inc. advances educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth through their innovative program centered around soccer at their charter schools.

Project Duration:

16 Weeks

The Problem

Fugees came to us looking for a marketing, design and communications rollout to ensure their brand voice is consistent throughout all their channels and to create a site redesign. Their WIX site was not optimal and content had become unmanageable. We audited the site and modified their site structure to create an optimal user experience.

We also developed a digital marketing and communications plan using a custom built Airtable.  We communicated via Slack channel and met weekly for their marketing, print + digital design, social media, and website design, development and management to get them going over two fiscal quarters.


Toolkit & Skills Used

  • website design
  • adobe creative suite
  • search engine optimization
  • brand identity
  • social media strategy
  • graphic design
  • consulting
  • copyediting
  • copywriting
  • project management

The Solution

The project scope included:

  • Redesigning their Wix site and creating a new custom site on WordPress
  • Cleaning up their logo design
  • Assessing their internal operations and helping with their digital marketing workflow
  • Social Media management + Content Creation
  • Social media video production
  • Content creating for six months of social media to get the started internally

View live site:


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