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We empower visionaries
to build the future.

We specialize in helping small businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs facilitate social and cultural change through strategic design, branding, websites, advertising and marketing.

At Hyphenate, we use an intersectional lens to encompass the richness of the human experience, leading to  growth-oriented outcomes that are beneficial not only for business, but for the communities we care about.

Our clients advance the common good through leadership in their communities, big and small. We help them reach diverse customers, many of whom are at the intersections of multiple identities. We facilitate meaningful insights that recognize hyphenate identities, creating a more three-dimensional understanding and acceptance of difference. We contribute to a more sustainably inclusive society.

We are a proud woman-LGBT-minority owned LLC headquartered in Philadelphia and working globally.

We’d love to connect with you!

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. Please describe your goals and, if you’d like, the future you want to build below!

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