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Project: Sabin

SABIN’s mission is to make vaccines more accessible, enable innovation and expand immunization across the globe. They seek a future free from vaccine-preventable diseases. They deliver sustainable, evidence-based solutions that extend the benefits of immunization to everyone, everywhere. They are based in Washington, DC.
kids being shown a vaccine by an aid worker

Project Duration:

6 Weeks

The Problem

SABIN reached out to us to design a report for a report in English and Spanish.

They wanted to create a vibrant and engaging report that would also be informative with infographics.

They were to be printed in two editions, one English, the other in Spanish. There would also be a digital edition.

The timeline was fairly abbreviated for an event that was happening.

Print production was managed by us remotely using a local printer near the SABIN offices in Washington DC.

Toolkit & Skills Used

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Art Direction
  • Copy editing
  • Project Management
  • Print Production Management

The Solution

We created a 35 page report that was in both English and Spanish.

Working with their project team, whom we met in-person at their offices, we created a timeline and helped manage the project team which included a translator as well as different content writers.

We also managed deliverables, meeting all major milestones and delivering the final product on time–all while working remotely with the team and printer.

View the full English version of the report here.

Cover Design
Interior Design Example

"Tan was hired to design a report for publication. She helped us articulate a vision to take a technical report and make it appealing to readers from different audiences and in different languages. She was professional, easy-to-work with and felt like part of the team. She delivered an excellent product on time and made herself available for troubleshooting."

Dr. Neeraj Mistry, Managing Director, Sabin Vaccine Institute

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